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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if I live in Iceland or Zimbabwe?
    The XE.com Personal Currency Assistant is available at bottom left of all pages, so you can easily check how much the item will cost in your currency (although bear in mind that rates may fluctuate a little over time).
  • Is there a minimum order?
    The minimum order is $5 before taxes and shipping.
  • Must I pay tax on top of the prices shown?
    The Record Cellar is based in Ontario, Canada, so if you live in Canada we must charge you 5% GST, and if you live in Ontario we must charge 13% HST.
    If you live outside Canada, there is no tax to pay.
    Any tax payable will be calculated at Checkout, depending on the shipping address you enter.
  • Do you offer any quantity discounts for large orders?
    Yes, discounts are offered: 5% on orders over $100, and 10% on orders over $250 (based on order totals before tax and shipping).
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  • How much Shipping and Handling will I be charged?
    We do not include a handling charge. The shipping cost will be determined according to the final destination of your item. Do not send payment until we have confirmed stock and included a shipping price.
  • What if you ship my goods and they get lost?
    You are given the option of taking out or declining Shipping Insurance as part of the order form at Checkout. The cost is $1 per $100, based on the order total after any quantity discounts (i.e. for orders of $0-$100, insurance is $1; for $100-$200, insurance is $2; etc). This insurance will cover the cost of the ordered item only.
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  • Which credit cards do you accept?
    None directly. Paypal is available for all credit card purchases (see below).
  • Can I pay with PayPal?
    Yes. You can make a secure online transfer from most major credit cards to our PayPal account. If you select PayPal as the payment method at Checkout, your order details will be sent to us, and we will contact you with a link to our PayPal account. Paypal is the best and easiest method of payment for both of us. Our registered email address at Paypal is: recordcellar@sympatico.ca. You can make payment in Canadian funds. You will be notified when payment has been received.
    If you want more information about paying by PayPal, check out their website, which explains it all in great detail.
  • Do you accept any other form of payment?
    Yes. You can pay with good old fashioned Cheque, International Money Order, Cashiers Cheque, Money Transfer payment, US$ Cash, (Euro) Cash, or CDN$ Cash.
    Any cheques or Money Order should made payable to "The Record Cellar". If you select Cheque, International Money Order or one of the Cash options as the payment method at Checkout, your order will be calculated, but not sent until payment is received and cleared.
  • Is it safe to send cash through the mail?
    If you must send cash, please register it for your own safety. Please note that The Record Cellar is not responsible for funds going astray in the postal services of the world.
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  • How can I narrow my search?
    Selecting "All" from the drop-down list searches all the text relating to an item (including Artist, Title, Cat #, Description, Format, etc - including track listings where available). You can narrow down your search by selecting "Artist" or "Title" from the drop-down list.
  • I searched for my favourite artist and a whole lot of Various albums & Soundtracks come up. Why?
    The albums may contain a song or contribution by the artist you are looking for. Try searching by "Artist" rather than "All".
  • I get too many results for my search, and some of them are not relevant. Why?
    To make the search more specific, search for complete phrases not just individual words (e.g. Trust will find "Trust" and "Olympic Trust Sampler", as well as "Can I Trust You?").
  • Can I search for song titles?
    As mentioned above, selecting "All" from the drop-down list searches all the text relating to an item, including track listings where available. However, track listings are not available for all items.
  • I'm having trouble finding an item which I'm sure you have. Why?
    This could be due to any number of reasons. The items may have been recently sold. Try different spellings (e.g. English/Canadian spelling of colour, Zeppelin not Zepellin, etc). Try alternative word combinations (only whole words are searched - i.e. Bad will find Bad Religion, but NOT Badfinger). Try widening your search to "All" fields.
  • How can I find out what Picture Discs you have for sale?
    Typing picture disc in the Search area (with the search scope set to "All") will bring up a list of all picture discs currently in stock.
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  • Don't like to fill out forms?
    Feel free to email, phone (416-580-8029) or fax (905-426-4841) us directly with your order!
  • What if I can't find what I am looking for?
    If you are looking for something specific, e-mail us - we may be able to locate it for you.
  • How do I know you won't sell my email address to a spam list?
    You have our word - we will not sell, rent or even give away any of the information you give us as part of your order. All the information we ask for is necessary to fill your order, and it will only be used for that purpose, including your e-mail address, which will only be used for any necessary communications regarding your order.
  • What about cookies?
    Like most shopping carts, ours uses cookies to keep track of your order, so please make sure that your browser has cookies enabled for it to work.
    (A cookie is tiny, harmless, text-only file which is stored on your computer's hard drive for a short period, and used to identify your computer and your shopping session. It is not a program, and it cannot be used to transmit a virus in any way).
    Unlike many web-sites, however, our cookie will be destroyed at the end of the session (when you leave the site), or whenever you click the 'Empty Cart' button. So the cookie will not be used to track what web pages you visit, or your shopping preferences, and will most definitely not be made available to any other site for any purpose whatsoever.

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