Privacy Statement

We will not sell, rent or even give away any of the information you give us as part of your order. All the information we ask for is necessary to fill your order, and it will only be used for that purpose, including your e-mail address, which will only be used for any necessary communications regarding your order.

Like most shopping carts, ours uses cookies to keep track of your order, so please make sure that your browser has cookies enabled for it to work.
(A cookie is tiny, harmless, text-only file which is stored on your computer’s hard drive for a short period, and used to identify your computer and your shopping session. It is not a program, and it cannot be used to transmit a virus in any way).
Unlike many web-sites, however, our cookie will be destroyed at the end of the session (when you leave the site), or whenever you click the ‘Empty Cart’ button. So the cookie will not be used to track what web pages you visit, or your shopping preferences, and will most definitely not be made available to any other site for any purpose whatsoever.