Richard P Havens,1983


Artist: Richie Havens
Release Date: 1969
Catalogue No: MGM – SE 4700 2
Country: USA
Grade (Cover/Vinyl): VG / VG+
Original Double Vinyl LP
With Printed Insert
Very Slight Ring Wear

In stock

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Side 1:
1. Stop Pulling And Pushing Me
2. For Havens Sake
3. Strawberry Fields Forever
4. What More Can I Say John
Side 2:
1. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
2. Lady Madonna
3. Priests
4. Indian Rope Man
5. Cautiously
Side 3:
1. Just Above My Hobby Horses Head
2. She’s Leaving Home
3. Putting Out The Vibration,And Hoping It Comes Home
4. The Parable Of Ramon
Side 4:
1. A Little Help From My Friends
2. Wear Your Love Like Heaven
3. Run Shaker Life / Do You Feel Good


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